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I’ve been training for four months for this marathon and a couple weeks ago I had really had enough – or so I thought. I think the “official” quit lasted four days. I couldn’t give it up. Thoughts ran through my head like ‘well, maybe next year’ and to that I thought ‘whaaa? Wait, I still want this?’ I’d put too much work into it to stop now. Finisher medal, t-shirt, and complimentary sandals here I come!

I feel like I made a breakthrough this weekend though. I did 18 miles… again… but this time I was fine! Ok, my hip hurt like hell for 10-14 but I got it stretched and worked out the kink. The big thing was that when I was done, I didn’t feel like I could lie down and die, or like my muscles would never stop that burning sensation. (All reasons for not wanting to continue marathon training, btw). So, after all of that, I think I’m training right! I have no more doubt that I can do this marathon.


In knitting news, I recently made the stupidest hat ever! No, I won’t be posting a picture of it. It was supposed to be a golf cap, but it ended up being this skinny elongated thing that when placed over the face looked like it could be a horse mask (or dragon, as it is green.) I have no intention of trying again… anytime soon, that is.

I’ve been trying to make knit apparel for months and so far it’s going… eh, well, I’m not entirely happy with it all. Plus, it takes a long-ass-time to make a sweater. Three sweaters down the line and none of them fit me right? Arg. So I’ve decided to go back to the ever faithful scarf for awhile.

Scarves are considered to be the equivalent to “comfort food” for knitters (apparently) and I’m going to try it out. Because I’m getting seriously burned out on big projects. The scarves will be great content for the site anyway.

Check back soon for scarf content!


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