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Harry Potter

I’m reading it! FINALLY. I’m proud to say that I have been a fan since it first came out. My dad ordered it when it was first published because he liked the review. He read it and thought it would be a great read for me. I am proud of this fact because my group of friends became Harry Potter fanatics after book 4 was published. I was like ‘hey, where you been?’ and stuff.

Now it’s coming to an end. I’m only 40 pages in and I’m so tired tonight I was feeling like I wasn’t getting the full experience. I want to savor it. I’ll finally find out how it ends. But I won’t blog it, of course, and spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read it yet. I’ve been paranoid about that myself and have avoided anything and everything about Harry Potter for the past week, and certainly the past 24 hours. In fact I was even worried about drive-by-spoilers, which happened here when the last book came out. People drove by yelling out the big event at the end of book 6 to people in line to buy it at midnight – cruel.

I want to keep reading, but I’ll save it for tomorrow – good night everybody, and happy reading to fellow HP fans.


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AC is good

It was 100 degrees F outside yesterday, people. I don’t know about you, but that’s too hot for me. We just got an air conditioner installed in the bedroom and Jenny loves it. A nice 74 degrees all day long. I’ll leave my sweating to my daily workout.

My regular exercise, by the way, has shifted from running outside to getting on the stationary bike inside. I don’t like getting up and exercising outside first thing upon waking. I mean, for one thing my hair is a giant frizz-ball when I wake up. If I am to run outside in the summer here in Albany, unfortunately the morning is the only good time to do it. I suppose I could run in the evening but young people this town seem to love to shout obscene things to runners from moving cars. I prefer to exercise in public only when the idiots are sleeping off their hangovers… What is it about a moving vehicle? Can you imagine the same person yelling “PENIS!” at me while I run by them and they’re standing still on the sidewalk? It’s like certain people get this high from being assholes while traveling at 20 mph or more. I just don’t understand. Ah well. It’s not like this didn’t happen in San Diego either. Assholes abound where there are moving vehicles and runners on sidewalks I guess.

Another great thing about air conditioning – I get to knit more. Last summer when we were here and had no AC I didn’t knit much of anything. Any part of the knitted item that rested on my lap was like wearing a blanket. I’ll get much more accomplished this summer.

Last night we had a bug problem and I really really hope they didn’t come in through the AC unit. These tiny little katydid moth type of flying bugs that are attracted to light. Well we had a couple dozen in the room last night – Joe and I opted to sleep in the other bedroom… Between the spiders and the wasp that got in through the closed window (eek!), this is an interesting bedroom. But I love the AC! And room is nice and bright and open, very nice for a living space. Buggy bugs, stay outside!

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My parents were married today in 1982 at St. Mary Magdalene Church, the same parish we kids were baptized in, went to the school (so did my dad and siblings), and that my parents sang in/directed the choir until recently. It was an evening wedding and though there aren’t many pictures, due to a film mishap, I’ve been told that the bridemaids had yellow dress and the groomsmen wore brown suits! I’m sure that was the style :) My dad had a white tux and my mom wore a beautiful dress that her mom made for her. Grandma sat in the dressing rooms sketching the dresses my mom tried on, then Mom picked her favorite elements of the dresses and Grandma designed a new dress. Then at their reception Mom and Dad never even got a chance to eat. They went home after the reception and made a frozen pizza :) I love this story. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad :)

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