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Koolhaas Complete

I finished! This is one kool(haas) hat :) — Sorry I couldn’t resist the punning—

p.s. I really like this first picture of me. I’m very critical of how I photograph, that is, how I turn out in photos, but who isn’t? Anyway, check out the cute pajama pants that accidentally got in.A full view shot. Oh, and I took all these myself — I have long arms —
Close up! (Can you spot this month’s Runner’s World magazine?)
Dig the top. This is part of what got me hooked into this project in the first place. I’m very satisfied with the result.

Eat. KNIT. Run. Blog.


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I’m very sorry for the big break in blogging, but I am a sickie. I’ve been sleeping for three days straight and I’m finally getting bored of it, so that must mean I’m getting better. :) Ugh, I don’t remember the last time I was this sick. I usually pride myself on not getting sick often – Ugh. Fever, night sweats, horrible sore throat, green mucus that has gotten lower and lower into my chest as the days progress – meaning coughs with more and more OOMPH! ::ouchie:: Joe has been taking wonderful care of me, doping me up real good and bringing me soup and tea. What a guy.

Enough of that gross-ness. I’ve been working on a new project:

Pattern: Koolhaas Hat by Jared Flood

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Tweed, dark red

Needles: US 8, two circular needles (instead of dpns)

I did make an eensy mistake and made the ribbed band at the bottom all twisted rib instead of plain. Also, I didn’t have a size down in needles for the band, so it’s all the same size stitch. Sorry Jared. I always feel a little guilty when I change someone else’s design, like, who am I? Sheesh! More so when I really like the design/designer, which I do very much in this case.

Other than that, it’s going swimmingly. The cables that are EVERYWHERE become very commonplace and I hardly notice them anymore. At first I was. Concentrating. Very. Hard. On. Every. Stitch. But then it got easier.

In other yarn news, this came in the mail last week (I know, bad blogger! I always tell you guys stuff late):
I’ve never worked with hemp before, and I must admit I was slightly surprised at how teeny tiny the tiny hemp yarn is. And it’s like knitting with wire, there is no give whatsoever. Oy. I was wanting to use the cone to knit up Thermal from Knitty, but I fear it is too small. We’ll see, some extensive swatching is in order. Ugh, I hate swatching.

No running outside last week. We got bombarded. See how high the snow is against the street sign?
But I have managed to keep up (until this week, damnit!) with all my marathon training runs. Ask me again why I decided to train in the middle of winter in alaska when I knew it would almost all be inside a gym on a 14 lap/mile track? At least I’ve got a good running buddy. We’re supposed to do 8 miles this weekend, but that ain’t gonna happen. Any advice on getting back on the horse?

Cold weather may have been the culprit in me being sick, but below freezing temps for days does make pretty pretty icicles:

If I don’t cough up a lung, I’ll see you soon.


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Last night I found myself at a concert at my university. I say ‘found myself’ because for the past week I have felt like I have not been the one in control of my schedule.

I started a new job this week and have been adjusting to that new schedule being dropped into my school schedule. I also make individual student appointments (I’m a tutor) at random times of the day. I pack food in my backpack to last the entire day if need be, because I am never quite sure how long I’ll be at school working.

Along this line, I went to my music class last night which meets once a week for 3 hours. We were surprised by the teacher saying we would be spending the rest of class attending a violin/piano concert of some of Beethoven’s Sonatas by the master piano professor at the University of Alaska Southeast (my school). When we got there it was already packed full and had to stand in the back with a group of 8 year olds who were really NOT into the performance.

I mention all of this because sometime toward the end of the concert, something struck me (figuratively, not literally) that moved me to tears. A year ago my grandma passed away. It devastated me; we were very close. I spent the last few months with her as her caregiver. She was like a mother to me; I must have spent 1/3 of my childhood with her, or more. She taught me how to knit. She also taught me how to play the piano and a big part of my musical appreciation comes from her.

I don’t usually buy into the whole fate, or being guided by greater powers, thing. But last night I felt a connection with my grandma that felt like more than a coincidence.

Last night would have been my grandma’s 70th birthday and I realized that I was sitting and listening to Beethoven, her absolute favorite composer. Through no plans of my own, I was participating in exactly the sort of thing she would have loved to do on her birthday.

I think I’ve found a new tradition to keep :)

Eat. Knit. Run. BLOG.

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Feb. 6 is the Best Day of the Year

… because it’s my birthday! Hooray!

I’ve had a great, though busy, day. Joe bought me a new belt with pretty flowers on it, I got the book Son of Stitch’n’Bitch that I’m looking forward to knitting from. I love the SnB stuff :)

I went to the university bookstore (woo hoo! I’m so fabulous) and bought a great zip up hooded jacket and a linen woven scarf – you know, the bohemian looking kind. And a day planner… I was there ok?

Other than that I got a great many birthday wishes and feel very loved :)

I wish it was February 6 everyday.

Eat. Knit. Run. BLOG.

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Note to self….

…Do NOT walk under eaves of house:

Apparently, this is what happens when it snows for days below freezing temperature.

I ran 6 miles non-stop last night! I have never been able to do this without walking, and last night I did it. Inside on a gym track that takes 14 laps to the mile so I have to count on my fingers which lap I’m on… but I ran 6 miles!
26.2 non-stop. Goal for 2008 :)

Eat. Knit. RUN. BLOG.

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Oblique is Finished!

But I don’t have pictures. Mainly because a.) I’m the one who takes the pictures and I need to coordinate with the man of the house in order to be photographed wearing the aforementioned item, and b.) I look like hell today (I woke up really early for work), so not wanting to break the camera with my unsightliness I’m holding off.

I promise pictures soon! I swear. Oh, and I LOVE my new sweater! I wore it to school yesterday and it was so warm and cozy – much warmer than I expected, being lace and all. It still needs buttons – but I’m still calling it finished because it’s wearable. And it’s my blog. So there.

Also, I started a new job today – working for the Learning Center at school as an English tutor. I was proctoring an exam this morning, the LSAT. It was super easy, I love this new job.

I hate posts without pictures. Damn it. I need a nap.

Eat. Knit. Run. BLOG.

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