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Beer Bread

So I discovered this wonderful recipe during the beach vacation. We bought 3 cases of 24 beers (72 beers, people) and among the four of us in the apartment, we drank exactly half of that, leaving 36 beers left over. Toward the end (which for me was when beer was less appealing as a drink the longer the vacation got) I remembered stumbling across a beer bread recipe! What a wonderful solution :) This is not a diet bread. At all. In fact, the outsides should get slightly fried like a donut. YUM. This recipe has been adapted from a recipe I found on vegweb.com

Vegan Beer Bread

3 cups unbleached white flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 Tbsp baking powder
3 Tbsp vital wheat gluten
1 tsp salt

1 12 oz beer (we liked Heineken)
1/3 cup water
1/2 cup oil

margarine (for brushing the top at the end)

Preheat oven to 375 degree F. Generously oil a loaf size glass pan. Glass works best for this bread because it gets the crust crispy – a metal pan will do, but it will be a softer crust.

Mix the dry ingredients well first. Once the oven is heated, add the beer, water, and oil. Fold wet into dry ingredients until everything is just wet. There should be some flour lumps.

Pour into the pan – it won’t spread much when you pour it, but it will expand to fit the pan as it bakes.

Bake for 50 minutes. Remove and coat the top with margarine, letting some drip down the sides as well – this will get the sides crispy. Put back in the oven for 8 minutes.

Remove for the last time and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before removing from the pan and placing onto a cooling rack (so it doesn’t get soggy in the pan).


Meta photography :P

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I knit up a glove then video-ed myself picking up the stitches and knitting on the applied i-cord. You can all thank the lovely Cass over at Shut Up I’m Counting for the vids. She is a vegan knitter extraordinaire and damn can she hold her liquor :)

There are three videos on the pattern page, all the way at the bottom – Punk Rock Corset Gloves – The first video is pickup stitches with spacing, the 2nd video is picking up stitches at the thumb portion without spacing, and the third video is actually knitting on the applied i-cord.

I hope these help everybody out.

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Concert and Graduation

Yeah, yo. “A daily dose of fiber” – Bamboo, Cotton, and Soy – the vegan knitting shirt!
I got my Ravelry t-shirt in the mail!!! I love it. It fits me perfectly. Its a women’s large btw. I’m 5’8″ and 140 pounds, 36″ bust (woo, hehe), if anyone is wanting a t-shirt like this. The sizing is deceptive.
I’ve had a busy busy weekend. It started Friday night when I went to go see my Aunt Mary (Mary Dolan) play some of her new music she’s been writing.

She’s indy rock and plays the geetar like nobody’s business. During the first set she was acompanied by some electronic music with a kind of hip hop beat that I liked a lot. I believe the next CD is coming out soon! I really love going to see her play. She has so much energy onstage and she always puts on a great show. Even when the heat, humidity, and her hard rock’n’roll puts the guitar out of tune after the songs :) hehe.

Then on Saturday I went to my little brother’s high school graduation! Brian is 18. I still have it in my head that he’s 10 years old. I have no idea when the aging happened. And now he’s a graduate! I’m proud of him :)

I ain’t gonna lie – I got all teary eyed. Damn these female hormones. So there it is. All three kids (me, Brendan, and Brian) got put through high school and made into fine adults. Good job, parents :)

Sitting in the sun for graduation at 3pm as HOT.

And today I’m going to a belated Father’s Day BBQ. I’m bringing beer bread and peach cobbler. Oh yeah.

Hey at Brian’s grad celebration dinner my yonger cousin John (17) was wearing the hat I made him!! The Big Ribs Beanie (also known as the Christmas Emergency Hat). It’s rewarding seeing handmade pieces actually worn by the recipients.

Dig the blond hair :)

And the pushups are comin’ along. Aparently I had pretty crappy form and was compensating a lot for my pushups. So I’m going to be building up strength before starting the program. But hey! My buddy Eileen over at Running Knitter is doing it too! We started in the same week simultaneously :) Spooooky. :) I’m totally jealous of her aweome pushup ability – she did 78 in one day! I’m impressed. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do that too :)

Have a great weekend everybody.

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I’m going to do 100 push ups

My friend found this site. It’s a program that’s supposed to be able to train anyone who can do at least 1 or 2 full (not from the knees) push ups to 100 full push ups in 6 weeks! How cool is that? My husband and our friend and I are doing it. I’m a little worried I’m going to turn into a female Arnold, but we’ll see. It seems like 100 push ups is more endurance at that point (high reps) than heavy weight lifting.

My initial test: 2 pushups! (I was surprised. I thought I’d do zero hehe)

Week 1, day 1: My maximum at the end was 4 push ups! I’m honestly surprised. I’ve been working my core so it’s really strong for running – I guess that helping me. The only thing is I don’t think I’m pressing down to the floor far enough. Joe is going to spot me tomorrow.

I’m going to video my max as I go along to show my progress. Wish me luck! And if anyone wants to join, let’s do this!

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Knitting on my Beach Vacation

Knitting with a view :)

Actually, there wasn’t a whole lot of knitting, but there was a lot of beach and beer :)

About 6 months ago (while a whole lot of snow was falling outside my window in Alaska) I thought up the fabulous idea of renting a little beach house with friends when we got home to San Diego. Joe’s best friend since junior high, Cameron, and my friend Megan chipped in and we all rented a 1 bedroom apartment next to the ocean for five days.

My typical day consisted of waking up late and having breakfast and coffee while looking out over the water, then getting sunscreened up and hitting the beach for a few hours. I would lie on my towel and listen to my audiobook (currently “reading” A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar). Then I’d come home, have some lunch and knit for awhile until someone suggested playing a game or going out for a walk or a bike ride or something :) Then we would proceed to stay up way past our bedtimes. All in all, much fun was had.

Megan and me looking cute on our free bikes – included with the rental – woo!

Cam and Joe – partners in mischief and smart conversations in general

Me and Joe during a game of Settlers of Catan – aka the best game ever.

We did, however, overestimate the amount of alcohol we thought we could consume in 5 days. We bought three cases of beer for four people. We ended up drinking half of them! 36 beers were left over. I guess our binge drinking days are over hehe. Well, mine anyway! I was pushing it drinking 2 or 3 per day. Lightweight = me :) But we did find one excellent solution for consuming the beers in a timely manner and that was BEER BREAD. Yum. Try it. I’ll get the recipe up here soon. We made it with both Heineken and Corona (with lime!) but the Heineken was way better. It’s totally easy and tastes fantastic. Definitely not a diet bread though.

But back to knitting. I finished the back of the sweater I’m working on — I’m making the Basketweave Pullover from the Best of Interweave Knits (Ravelry links). I don’t have pictures yet because I’m afraid the recipient reads this blog. Next week when it’s out of my hands I’ll post so many pictures your eyes may fall out of your heads…. Ok. That’s exaggerating — but I’ve been wanting to post about my secret projects for SO LONG. Darn me for picking BIG and time consuming secret projects.

I’m really loving how the pullover is turning out. The stitch pattern is scrumptious to feel and it’ll be very warm. But I’ve never made a sweater this big, so it feels like I’m making a blanket. Actually, a blanket in this stitch pattern would be amazing (in my head I’m pronouncing it Uh – MAAAAY – zing). I’ll definitely need a break from the basketweave pattern after this though – that’s a lot of repeats and a bit of counting. This project is a little high maintenance for me. ;) I’ll just have to reward myself with beer bread. That oughta do it.

Does this look funny to you?
Laptop central. I didn’t get one. So I played with the camera :)

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Broke my glasses…

Excuse me a minute…

……:::: @#$%#@$!!@##%$!!!!!::::

::Smoothes back hair and regains composure:::

Whew. Ok. That done with, I was cleaning the bridge with my t-shirt and it just snapped. I just looked down for a few moments staring….. because I have no back up. People, I’m kind of, well, blind without glasses or contacts. So I set to work. Super glue? Yes! We have some!… Ok, how do we open this — ohgodohgodgahhh– splurts out all over my fingers. Wait for it to dry on fingers before touching ANYTHING…. (@#$#@!!!) Dab a teensy dab onto the plastic, squeeze pieces together for 15-30 seconds….. Soak fingers and have a teensy frustrated pity cry. Go upstairs to try and wipe off super glue with nail polish remover after asking the internets what to do. It works a little. Go downstairs and pick up glasses to check if it worked………. crack!…. didn’t work. Have husband call the optometrist and get an appointment at noon. Thank husband for being awesome :) (He asked the internets about the nail polish remover too)

(Try scotch tape… doesn’t work)…

So here I am, biding my time until my appointment, typing about 6 inches away from the computer screen.

Isn’t this exciting?

How about I amuse you with some pictures, eh? Why not? You’re here, I’m here, it’ll be great. Look what I had delivered to me the morning after the marathon! What a perfect gift for a vegan runner :) My aunt sent it to me. It was yummy. (Also, my legs feel great again. My recovery time this year was MUCH faster and easier)

This is the chihuahua we share a house with now. Her name is Phoebe and she happens to be one of the most adorable and well behaved dogs in the world.

Getting dried off after a bath and looking a little annoyed. But just look at that little face!

And he’s what I look like (with glasses) when I blog. It’s like being on the other side of the looking glass….ooooo
Wish me luck that I can get some friggin contacts today. Otherwise, um, well, we’re going to find out how accurately Jenny can knit with a shortened vision range :)

Eat. Knit. Run. BLOG.

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Marathon #2 Complete!

I rocked. I rolled. I came in 10 minutes faster than last year. YEAH.

Oh yeah and about the lovely weather predicted – LIES, ALL LIES. Sun came out early and it got hot. Luckily, many of the homes we passed in residential neighborhoods had hoses spraying water into the street for runners to pass through. Verrrry nice.

My fabulous plan to run a fast race just didn’t work out, but I did run quite steadily. I promised myself before the race that if I had the energy left at the end that I was gonna go as hard as I could. So toward the end, in the last four miles I had a little mantra going in my head that kept me going: “If I got it, I’m gonna give it” and I said it to the beat of my running “If I got it, 2, 3, I’m gonna give it, 2, 3…” and so on. Sometimes I’d throw in a little “I got it!” Hehe, it’s a little silly but it totally kept me going. Another thing that helped were people holding up signs that said “Pain is temporary” :) I thought, yeah it is! Screw it I’m going to run hard!!…. And now I’m in pain :) But it was worth it.

Ready to go at 6am
(For my Alaska peeps, notice the very fine Ron Seater shirt – I was showing UAS math club pride)

Woo! 4 miles done

There’s my final run to the finish – squint and you can see me – squint harder and you can see my awesome bulging calves

The victorious finisher!

Jenny Dolan: Marathon Conquerer
About 5 minutes later I was passed out on the couch

Here’s my Garmin readout. I’m a total geek, I love this stuff. Just try not to pay attention to the large spikes which are my walking breaks…. hehe

Here’s my route over the course via the Garmin Forerunner 205.

We’ll see if this happens again next year :)

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