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Marathon #2 Complete!

I rocked. I rolled. I came in 10 minutes faster than last year. YEAH.

Oh yeah and about the lovely weather predicted – LIES, ALL LIES. Sun came out early and it got hot. Luckily, many of the homes we passed in residential neighborhoods had hoses spraying water into the street for runners to pass through. Verrrry nice.

My fabulous plan to run a fast race just didn’t work out, but I did run quite steadily. I promised myself before the race that if I had the energy left at the end that I was gonna go as hard as I could. So toward the end, in the last four miles I had a little mantra going in my head that kept me going: “If I got it, I’m gonna give it” and I said it to the beat of my running “If I got it, 2, 3, I’m gonna give it, 2, 3…” and so on. Sometimes I’d throw in a little “I got it!” Hehe, it’s a little silly but it totally kept me going. Another thing that helped were people holding up signs that said “Pain is temporary” :) I thought, yeah it is! Screw it I’m going to run hard!!…. And now I’m in pain :) But it was worth it.

Ready to go at 6am
(For my Alaska peeps, notice the very fine Ron Seater shirt – I was showing UAS math club pride)

Woo! 4 miles done

There’s my final run to the finish – squint and you can see me – squint harder and you can see my awesome bulging calves

The victorious finisher!

Jenny Dolan: Marathon Conquerer
About 5 minutes later I was passed out on the couch

Here’s my Garmin readout. I’m a total geek, I love this stuff. Just try not to pay attention to the large spikes which are my walking breaks…. hehe

Here’s my route over the course via the Garmin Forerunner 205.

We’ll see if this happens again next year :)


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Awake at 4am…

But it’s for a good cause. Rock’n’Roll, Baby! I’m not actually that energetic right now; the exclamation mark is exaggerating for me to make you think I’m peppy. I’m actually just sitting at the dining room table (no coffee… caffeine + me + running = bad news) in my woof woof pajamas (as seen in some previous posts) and Obama t-shirt (heck yes). I ate a little bowl of oatmeal, had a little glass of juice, and am just waiting.
Nobody else is crazy enough to get up this early hehe. But I like the quiet in the morning. Last year everyone got up with me and it was craziness and anxiety that morning. I feel very calm this time. Anxious to get going, but not frenzied. I haven’t even pinned my bib to my shirt or put my chip on my shoe. I’m living on the edge! (Another exclamation point!)
You would be feeling pretty good if you had my weather ahead of you on a race day. Just look at the beautiful weather I have ahead of me:

The perfect morning for running. Cool and a little humid, only getting up to 65 degrees by the end with partly cloudy skies. Ahhh.
So I’ve got everything laid out: My shoes are ready, favorite socks (even though they have holes) are clean, shorts, t-shirt, sports bra — all good to go! I’ve got friends and family at different places along the course to give me juice and bananas. I’m lucky to have such a supportive family.
The Rock’n’Roll Marathon is really a source of pride for us San Diegans. Everyone knows it because they are plagued by the road closures, but tons of people come down to cheer us on. Like thousands of people. It’s amazing. The entire course (except for the part on the freeway — yes the freeway!) is lined with people.
So last but not least, the race website has a cool tracking system hooked up to the shoe chips. If you feel like following me along with live results or want to see how I did at the end, go to:

San Diego Rock’n’Roll Marathon

And type in my bib number: 11202

Wish me luck! Here I go! (!!!)

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