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Broke my glasses…

Excuse me a minute…

……:::: @#$%#@$!!@##%$!!!!!::::

::Smoothes back hair and regains composure:::

Whew. Ok. That done with, I was cleaning the bridge with my t-shirt and it just snapped. I just looked down for a few moments staring….. because I have no back up. People, I’m kind of, well, blind without glasses or contacts. So I set to work. Super glue? Yes! We have some!… Ok, how do we open this — ohgodohgodgahhh– splurts out all over my fingers. Wait for it to dry on fingers before touching ANYTHING…. (@#$#@!!!) Dab a teensy dab onto the plastic, squeeze pieces together for 15-30 seconds….. Soak fingers and have a teensy frustrated pity cry. Go upstairs to try and wipe off super glue with nail polish remover after asking the internets what to do. It works a little. Go downstairs and pick up glasses to check if it worked………. crack!…. didn’t work. Have husband call the optometrist and get an appointment at noon. Thank husband for being awesome :) (He asked the internets about the nail polish remover too)

(Try scotch tape… doesn’t work)…

So here I am, biding my time until my appointment, typing about 6 inches away from the computer screen.

Isn’t this exciting?

How about I amuse you with some pictures, eh? Why not? You’re here, I’m here, it’ll be great. Look what I had delivered to me the morning after the marathon! What a perfect gift for a vegan runner :) My aunt sent it to me. It was yummy. (Also, my legs feel great again. My recovery time this year was MUCH faster and easier)

This is the chihuahua we share a house with now. Her name is Phoebe and she happens to be one of the most adorable and well behaved dogs in the world.

Getting dried off after a bath and looking a little annoyed. But just look at that little face!

And he’s what I look like (with glasses) when I blog. It’s like being on the other side of the looking glass….ooooo
Wish me luck that I can get some friggin contacts today. Otherwise, um, well, we’re going to find out how accurately Jenny can knit with a shortened vision range :)

Eat. Knit. Run. BLOG.


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