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I knit up a glove then video-ed myself picking up the stitches and knitting on the applied i-cord. You can all thank the lovely Cass over at Shut Up I’m Counting for the vids. She is a vegan knitter extraordinaire and damn can she hold her liquor :)

There are three videos on the pattern page, all the way at the bottom – Punk Rock Corset Gloves – The first video is pickup stitches with spacing, the 2nd video is picking up stitches at the thumb portion without spacing, and the third video is actually knitting on the applied i-cord.

I hope these help everybody out.

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Concert and Graduation

Yeah, yo. “A daily dose of fiber” – Bamboo, Cotton, and Soy – the vegan knitting shirt!
I got my Ravelry t-shirt in the mail!!! I love it. It fits me perfectly. Its a women’s large btw. I’m 5’8″ and 140 pounds, 36″ bust (woo, hehe), if anyone is wanting a t-shirt like this. The sizing is deceptive.
I’ve had a busy busy weekend. It started Friday night when I went to go see my Aunt Mary (Mary Dolan) play some of her new music she’s been writing.

She’s indy rock and plays the geetar like nobody’s business. During the first set she was acompanied by some electronic music with a kind of hip hop beat that I liked a lot. I believe the next CD is coming out soon! I really love going to see her play. She has so much energy onstage and she always puts on a great show. Even when the heat, humidity, and her hard rock’n’roll puts the guitar out of tune after the songs :) hehe.

Then on Saturday I went to my little brother’s high school graduation! Brian is 18. I still have it in my head that he’s 10 years old. I have no idea when the aging happened. And now he’s a graduate! I’m proud of him :)

I ain’t gonna lie – I got all teary eyed. Damn these female hormones. So there it is. All three kids (me, Brendan, and Brian) got put through high school and made into fine adults. Good job, parents :)

Sitting in the sun for graduation at 3pm as HOT.

And today I’m going to a belated Father’s Day BBQ. I’m bringing beer bread and peach cobbler. Oh yeah.

Hey at Brian’s grad celebration dinner my yonger cousin John (17) was wearing the hat I made him!! The Big Ribs Beanie (also known as the Christmas Emergency Hat). It’s rewarding seeing handmade pieces actually worn by the recipients.

Dig the blond hair :)

And the pushups are comin’ along. Aparently I had pretty crappy form and was compensating a lot for my pushups. So I’m going to be building up strength before starting the program. But hey! My buddy Eileen over at Running Knitter is doing it too! We started in the same week simultaneously :) Spooooky. :) I’m totally jealous of her aweome pushup ability – she did 78 in one day! I’m impressed. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do that too :)

Have a great weekend everybody.

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