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I’m so organized


So this great idea to get my patterns up – well, I pulled out the ol’ sketchbook and remembered why I haven’t gotten them up earlier. Mind you these patterns have been in there since, oh, January ’08….

I happen to be the world’s worst pattern note taker. It may take me hours to decipher this madness. I’m a very intuitive knitter. I problem-solve as I go along. Unfortunately I don’t often remember what I did. I cross things out, circle them to undo the crossing out, then star them, then cross out the stars because I changed my mind again, then go back and redo everything – but of course I do it all in teh same color pen so it’s IMPOSSIBLE to see clearly what was the correct version. Sigh.

I will persevere.

Eat. KNIT. Run. Blog.


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Feeling the Love

I cannot say how much I appreciate everyone’s kind words and well wishes. Thank you all so much. Every time I would check my e-mail and see another new comment it made me smile.

I am doing better. I have moved back home to be with my family for awhile to regroup. My store is still going out of business but it’s okay now. We have a countdown – no end date yet, but probably by the end of the year. I’m ruined for retail for awhile hehe – guest service went out the window. I walk around with a force field around me as I battle horrible people looking for cheap things and complaining how it’s not cheaper. I think they would rather just loot the store. Ah well. :)

I am about a month away from becoming a group fitness instructor! And the university I’m doing the program at is interested in hiring me! And I will probably be working doing some freelance classes at my aunt’s office. Things are looking up. Though the exercise classes aren’t my true passion. I’m still thinking about finishing my art degree and going to baking and pastry school…

Anywho, after a long hiatus, I have three – count ’em – THREE – new patterns coming your way soon. A cabled dog sweater, a cabled people sweater, and a pair of cabled mittens with a flap that folds back into fingerless gloves. (Are we seeing a pattern here? Was someone obsessed with cables for a bit?) I will post pictures soon. I have yet to type up the patterns. This has been a long time coming!

Thank again everyone and I hope to see you all soon!

Eat. KNIT. Run. BLOG.

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