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1.) Forgo customer service and start pointing in general directions as to where they might find aforementioned product.

2.) Ignore customers when using semi-polite phrases in a completely rude way to get your attention. Eg.) “Excuse me, miss…. excuse me…. EXCUSE ME! You DO work here don’t you? I need HELP right NOW.” (This particular example was while I was with another customer…)

3.) When a customer asks a question, answer quickly, then walk away asap. Otherwise you could be stuck in a line of endless questions about certain products, their prices because NOTHING in the store has a price tag on it, etc.

4.) Lie when you know the price is going down tomorrow and the suckers are still buying at a higher price today.

This is sucking little pieces out of my soul. Yeah the LNT madness is a little hectic and there is little motivation until we realize we do hardy anything anymore and get paid to do it :) Perhaps it’s a little bit more hectic because it’s the holiday shopping season too. I walked into World Market the other day to use the restroom since our was out of order and I was holding my uniform apron. I was walking fast because, you know, had to pee, and this woman stopped me and was like hey, hey HEY! You’re an employee here right? Can you help me please? (Dripping with sarcasm, of course). I turned to her, crossed my arms, waited a second, and said “No” quite flatly to show her how annoyed I was… Then she started giggling and said “Oh I’m so sorry I saw the apron and figured you worked here, so sorry! Merry Christmas!” I told my friend at work later who said, “You should have told her, ‘So you only treat people who wear aprons like assholes?'” That would have been perfect. Gotta love it. At my store everyone who works there is cool and we’re all friends, so we commiserate. Sometimes with beer hehe. Or cookies.

Speaking of cookies and leading into running – I haven’t been doing enough of it. I actually popped the button off my jeans the other day!!! Holy crap. Time to, eh, start running methinks. I can only use the “Oh they’re crap jeans from Target, that’s why they broke” excuse for so long. Eventually my other pants will follow suit. But when there is lots of working everyday, there isn’t much left to do but come home and watch movies with Mexican food :) Mmm. And cookies :)

Happy holidays folks

Eat. Knit. Run. BLOG.


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