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But most of the time climbing out of windows sucks.

When a person loses her job in a flailing economy, there’s a lot of crap to be done in order to get back to where she was before. Mix that in equal parts with starting a new life and the result is: One busy Jenny.

Eat. Knit. Run. Blog.

Eat. I can say for sure that I have been eating. Moms of the blog world, do not fear. In fact tonight I made delicious fried chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, and garlic bread. Yum. I am anxiously awaiting getting my baking back on. I have all the fixings for homemade bread. It’s dangerously close, I can feel it.

Knit. I can say for sure that I have not been knitting. At all. But my little fingers are starting to get that itch. I’ve told you about this before. I can knit for months on end, but then I hit a wall and embark on a knitting hiatus usually lasting 2-3 months. In this case it has been since December (but that was last minute gift knitting, so I’m not sure it counts). I am READY for a new project. And I’m ready to branch out into wool blends instead of yucky acrylic. (I know I said acrylic was just as good, but I was obviously in denial.) The point is – I’m ready to get my knitty on. :P

Run. I have been running once a week… on a soccer field! Heck yeah! I play on a team with a group of friends that have become quite dear friends over the past months  Let me tell you, running fast in cleats is MUCH different than marathon training. And speaking of marathon training – 2010 Rock’n’Roll Marathon, it’s on!! Stay posted.

Blog. I won’t tell you the entire story of my life between blog posts, but I promise to tell you about the good parts. I’ve been working my butt off as a projectionist at the movie theater (and yes, we still handle FILM! We’re not DVD players yet.) I moved out of my parents’ house again with some friends and I love it. I got a new job that is looking promising as a long term job that will allow me to live like a normal person, not going from check to check. I’ve been missing Juneau like crazy lately, but right now I’m here, and here is where I will stay for right now. :)

I’m making baby steps, but things are Finally starting to go my way 

I hope to hear from you soon, and I need some inspiration for a knit project ;)

Eat. Knit. Run. BLOG.


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