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Did I Mention I like Herringbone?

I’m growing rather obsessed with this pattern… It seems to be following me everywhere calling out my name…

Look what I found at Wit & Whistle. She made it herself!

Awesome wall, I wonder if I could get away with this in an apartment… This blog is super sweet. There’s a DIY tutorial. Found at Design Sponge.

Or I could just put up wallpaper :) This blog is so cool! So many fantastic prints for those of you that love wallpaper, or just love to be inspired by it (like me). The Wallpaper Collective


Also, I found this from You Are My FaveHerringbone wood floors.


I think you should only get to pick one for a home – choose wisely!

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The Green Hornet – In 3D


That’s right. I’m a week late. I know it opened last week, but I forgot to blog about it.

::Bad blogger!::

Anyway… I worked on this movie! Remember that cool project I was working on awhile back but couldn’t tell you about? This was it!!!

Legend3D (the company for which I work) did the 3D for about 20 minutes of the film – no, not the whole thing. That’s pretty standard.

Whenever you see the car (Black Beauty) smashing through the office building through tons of glass and paper (UGH, that was a b#$Ch to do), getting chopped in half in an elevator, big explosions on a construction site, Kato jumping from car to car during a chase scene, or Cameron Diaz at her first interview at the newspaper — that was all us. Then my personal favorite part: James Franco at the beginning of the movie — The close up shots of him from the front… THAT WAS ME, BABY!

Alas, we do not have our names in the credits, but we DO finally have some kind of credit – our company name and the big-wigs of the company. We never had that before :P I can’t wait for screen credit. It’ll happen. Watching our work on the big screen is a huge accomplishment in itself. Love love love.

Go see Green Hornet! It’s a fun movie :)




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Soapstone Carving


A sculpted candle holder.

My brother made this for me for Christmas. MADE IT. I was so impressed.

He carved it out of soapstone, which is a very soft stone that scratches away easily. If you have the eye or inclination to carve something yourself, soapstone is a fantastic starting place.

I want to try it!! I’ll put my 3D skills to the test. It’s been so long since I worked in real world 3D rather than digital. It’s so different I feel like I use different parts of my brain for each.


(The candle is vanilla from Bed Bath and Beyond, if you were wondering. It’s quite yummy.)

Other art I found made out of soapstone, if you’re interested:

Soapstone Sculpture

Black Pearl Soap Stone — This site is awesome. It has all sorts of links to carving tutorials.

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Jenny Bought a Car


The car in its natural habitat

My old car died. Boo.

So I went shopping…. and bought a 2009 Pontiac Vibe!

It was a beautiful day and the car wanted to drive me up into the mountains, so I had to go. :)

It is a sweet ride. 5 Speed manual… fun. And it has a sunroof.

It’s soooooo smooth. I love it THIIIIIISSSSSSS much.





Hee hee.



So happy. Don’t ever want to stop driving now :)

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I’m going to be the uber-picky person and say that parts are a little off key….

BUT this guy did all four parts himself! I’m amazed. This is seriously cool.

Borrowed from the You Tube description:

Arranged for four violins and performed by Joe Edmonds.

Used GarageBand after recording to tinker with volume, add some pizzicato, and double the bottom part in a lower octave.

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Barefoot Running

There is a craze that is sweeping the nation right now. And that craze is barefoot running.

It is exactly what it sounds like. Running with no shoes on. Or, if you prefer to keep your feet intact, shoe companies are coming out with “minimalist” shoes to run in. Like these:

nike free



I’ve been doing some research on this for awhile because the idea fascinates me. For years all I heard was that if you have problems in your knees, hips, ankles, shins, back, etc etc etc, it is because you’re not wearing the correct shoes. Now they’re saying do away with shoes and/or padding altogether?? Can this be real?

Apparently, it has a lot to do with your running economy, and how you strike your foot to the ground. Traditional running shoes encourage a “heel strike” because they are kind of heavy and provide cushioning to counteract the force of that heel strike, making it bearable. Minimalist shoes encourage a “midfoot strike” where you do not land on your heel when you run, but around the center. Heel striking in barefeet is too painful and will jack up your feet because it isn’t naturally how we were built to run, some say. The midfoot strike allows for a quicker turn over (more steps per minute) and a softer landing, which should happen naturally over time just out of self-preservation. Your body relearns how to run.

Lots of people say they love it and won’t ever go back. I’m down to try this.

I think I’m going to try a pair of these…


I’ll get back to you on this. Wish me luck.


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Want. Herringbone Cowl. Now.



Just go look right now and then come back.

Purl Soho: Big Herringbone Cowl

It’s so chic. So artsy. So “ecru”. So warm looking.

I want one of these. Tomorrow. Yesterday…


Cowls seem to be the trendy thing to knit these days. But I don’t care. I wants to make one. Or three.


Other cowls in my Ravelry queue:

Thermis – Ravelry Link¬†¬† — Or go to this talented chica’s blog and see it Thermis by Kris Knits

I love this one because it looks like a thermal :) And the buttons. We all know how much I love buttons.

Wham Bam Thank you Lamb! — Ravelry Link — InsaKnitty

This one’s a little chunky, totally simple. I fell in love with the name first.

Destroyed Cowl — Ravelry Link — she doesn’t have a knitting blog. Sad face.

I’ve been eyeing this one for a couple months. I’m slightly worried that it would get caught on EVERYTHING and get all messed up. But it’s so funky and hip…

I need to go yarn shopping :)


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