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Turn a Square


I knit up this fancy, yet simple, hat for a friend at work. I picked his name in the Secret Santa pool and decided he needed a hat. Also, working with nothing but artists, I do love a chance to show off to fellow comrades ;) It was totally worth it.

When he opened it he said, “Holy shit. You MADE this for me?”
I really liked knitting this hat. Jared Flood designs some pretty sweet stuff. The top of the cap sold me. I love the squared-ness of the crown.
Although, we all know me. I hate DPNs. I didn’t have two circular needles the same size at the time. That has since been remedied… I always feel like I’m battling to the death with the needles and yarn once I get to the top of the hat. I always feel like i have to pull the yarn so tight between the needles to avoid the telltale “ladders” at the gaps. Ah well… There weren’t any gaps, btw, but I may have acquired arthritis.



Other things I have knit by Jared Flood – Koolhaas hat


Turn a Square by Jared Flood, Brooklyn Tweed

Needles: 16″ US size 8 circular, then DPNs

Yarn: Plymouth Select Merino Superwash

Ravelry link

Jared Flood’s Super Cool Blog – Brooklyn Tweed

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