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Soapstone Carving


A sculpted candle holder.

My brother made this for me for Christmas. MADE IT. I was so impressed.

He carved it out of soapstone, which is a very soft stone that scratches away easily. If you have the eye or inclination to carve something yourself, soapstone is a fantastic starting place.

I want to try it!! I’ll put my 3D skills to the test. It’s been so long since I worked in real world 3D rather than digital. It’s so different I feel like I use different parts of my brain for each.


(The candle is vanilla from Bed Bath and Beyond, if you were wondering. It’s quite yummy.)

Other art I found made out of soapstone, if you’re interested:

Soapstone Sculpture

Black Pearl Soap Stone — This site is awesome. It has all sorts of links to carving tutorials.

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