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The Green Hornet – In 3D


That’s right. I’m a week late. I know it opened last week, but I forgot to blog about it.

::Bad blogger!::

Anyway… I worked on this movie! Remember that cool project I was working on awhile back but couldn’t tell you about? This was it!!!

Legend3D (the company for which I work) did the 3D for about 20 minutes of the film – no, not the whole thing. That’s pretty standard.

Whenever you see the car (Black Beauty) smashing through the office building through tons of glass and paper (UGH, that was a b#$Ch to do), getting chopped in half in an elevator, big explosions on a construction site, Kato jumping from car to car during a chase scene, or Cameron Diaz at her first interview at the newspaper — that was all us. Then my personal favorite part: James Franco at the beginning of the movie — The close up shots of him from the front… THAT WAS ME, BABY!

Alas, we do not have our names in the credits, but we DO finally have some kind of credit – our company name and the big-wigs of the company. We never had that before :P I can’t wait for screen credit. It’ll happen. Watching our work on the big screen is a huge accomplishment in itself. Love love love.

Go see Green Hornet! It’s a fun movie :)




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