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A Love Letter


It’s been quite awhile since I came back to this blog. I have hung up my knitting needles and followed other pursuits in Los Angeles – namely, lots and lots of overtime hours making things pop out of movie screens using a computer… and magic. If you have Transformers 3, look in the credits (allllllllllll the way at the end) under Legend 3D for Jennifer Dolan, Lead stereo artist :) Or not, whatev. It’s the little things we take pride in that make us… something something… I don’t know, insert something witty for me.

I will admit that I was pretty discouraged by the angry comments left on this blog’s FREE pattern pages and haven’t wanted to come back. But after returning to a list of your little love letters in the comment pages here… well, I feel better :)

However, I do get a lot of e-mails asking for help with the patterns. I just want to respectfully let you know that I won’t be follow up and help on questions about the patterns. For one thing, I haven’t knit these patterns in 4 years. I don’t even remember how I got the math on some of these things – I’m confessing, I’m a fly-by-my-seat knitter and I like to knit for myself. If I run into a problem, I improvise – who’s going to know, eh? If the pattern doesn’t work, make it work and hope for the best :) Fearless knitting!! Or find a helper on ravelry, because there are lots of lovely people who actually have more experience with these patterns than I, I’m quite proud to say. Who knew my dumb little blog and basic patterns would generate so much interest over the years :)

Responding to the most comments I get about the Comfy Raglan sweater: I chose this yarn because it was cheap and I was in Alaska and broke. No joke. I was bored and looking for something to occupy my time. I found that it knits up kinda weird, but whatev, and bonus!: it hides the stitches that are nearly impossible to get even. Ha… I only knitted one sweater… for myself. Big confession: The other sizes are math based only, so I hope they work for you. If not, see above (fearless knitting!!)

Most of these basic patterns I only knit one or two of for myself or brave family members. This ain’t no fancy magazine with test knitters. Just the resting place a humble girl with cheap yarn and who had a LOT of spare time, but little patience.

Remember, gentle readers, knitting as a hobby is a luxury. If you can get so angry or upset from knitting, maybe you should take some inner reflection time and find out what’s the real issue in your life. Take charge! You are strong, independent, and crafty people! A select few have the patience and talent for what you do, so take pride, and remember to be kind to your fellow knitters.

Lastly, I want all my spelling peeps to know that I’ve heard your cries! I flew around the globe and took every spelling course known to womankind to make sure I spell every single last word in life correctly! Not really. But still, after numerous HELPFUL others have calmly corrected me of this brazen mistake, I’m leaving the “yolk” misprint untouched on the blog pages for all of the universe to see – mostly because I’m too lazy to get in there and edit it – but more so, just because it irritates you so. If it makes you feel superior and better about yourself, well, my work here is done.

It’s spelled “yoke” and don’t you forget it.

Sarcasm aside, thanks for reading my blog. Really. It was a little outlet to me for long time, and I hope you enjoy it.

Love you all. Peace!


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