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Do not despair, gentle knitters. I too was lost in how to begin an i-cord when I first came across it in a pattern. I thought, How can it possibly turn out like a tube? I was sure there was some kind of magic spell involved. The late and great Elizabeth Zimmerman, knitting goddess extraodinaire, dubbed it the “i-cord” which is short for idiot cord – because she said any idiot could do it!

Now, I won’t presume to call myself or anyone else an idiot, but it’s totally easy and turns out looking like you did something difficult :) One note, you will always be working on the front side of the stitches – do not turn your work to show the back side.

Here goes:

Preparation: First, grab two double pointed needles. They must be double pointed or it won’t work (I’m using US size 8 needles in the pictures, if you’re interested).

Tie your cast-on knot and put it on the needles…

… And, for this demonstration, cast on 4 stitches.

Step 1: Knit the first four stitches from the left needle onto the right needle like usual, then…..

Step 2: Move the needle with the stitches on it to the left hand side. Just switch the needles in your hands, so the front side is still facing – don’t turn your work…

Step 3: …Then slide the stitches up the left-hand needle, up to the top where they can be knitted. Front side is still showing.

Step 4: Now the yarn is coming from the last stitch — this is what will make the stitches into a tube — Pull the yarn tight when you knit the first stitch. Knit the four stitches.

Now you have the beginnings of an i-cord. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have the length of cord you want.

Voila! Now you have an i-cord. A lovely tubes that looks like a shoelace. Bind off as usual, no trickiness there.

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