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Want. Herringbone Cowl. Now.



Just go look right now and then come back.

Purl Soho: Big Herringbone Cowl

It’s so chic. So artsy. So “ecru”. So warm looking.

I want one of these. Tomorrow. Yesterday…


Cowls seem to be the trendy thing to knit these days. But I don’t care. I wants to make one. Or three.


Other cowls in my Ravelry queue:

Thermis – Ravelry Link   — Or go to this talented chica’s blog and see it Thermis by Kris Knits

I love this one because it looks like a thermal :) And the buttons. We all know how much I love buttons.

Wham Bam Thank you Lamb! — Ravelry Link — InsaKnitty

This one’s a little chunky, totally simple. I fell in love with the name first.

Destroyed Cowl — Ravelry Link — she doesn’t have a knitting blog. Sad face.

I’ve been eyeing this one for a couple months. I’m slightly worried that it would get caught on EVERYTHING and get all messed up. But it’s so funky and hip…

I need to go yarn shopping :)


Eat. KNIT. Run. Blog.


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Turn a Square


I knit up this fancy, yet simple, hat for a friend at work. I picked his name in the Secret Santa pool and decided he needed a hat. Also, working with nothing but artists, I do love a chance to show off to fellow comrades ;) It was totally worth it.

When he opened it he said, “Holy shit. You MADE this for me?”
I really liked knitting this hat. Jared Flood designs some pretty sweet stuff. The top of the cap sold me. I love the squared-ness of the crown.
Although, we all know me. I hate DPNs. I didn’t have two circular needles the same size at the time. That has since been remedied… I always feel like I’m battling to the death with the needles and yarn once I get to the top of the hat. I always feel like i have to pull the yarn so tight between the needles to avoid the telltale “ladders” at the gaps. Ah well… There weren’t any gaps, btw, but I may have acquired arthritis.



Other things I have knit by Jared Flood – Koolhaas hat


Turn a Square by Jared Flood, Brooklyn Tweed

Needles: 16″ US size 8 circular, then DPNs

Yarn: Plymouth Select Merino Superwash

Ravelry link

Jared Flood’s Super Cool Blog – Brooklyn Tweed

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Urchin Part 2


Urchin is complete!

Knitted for my very stylish 14 year old cousin. I picked the color because she wore the cutest pair of short tan cowgirl boots to Thanksgiving (I was totally jealous) that now match the hat.

I was so excited when I began knitting this because two hours later I was more than half way done! SUPER FAST KNIT! Thank you Ysolda! I love the short rows, they were super easy to do. The wrap-and-turns at the end of every short row could just be left alone as is because of the garter stitch. Normally one would have to some fancy extra stitchin’ to make it lay flat without a gap on Stockinette Stitch, but for this hat you get to skip it. Less steps = awesome.




Urchin by Ysolda Teague

Needles: 16″ US size 9 circular needles (knit back and forth then grafted – I just like working on circulars…)

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn, Baby Alpaca Grande, Camel color

Ravelry Link

Baby alpaca for Urchin

Urchin plus invisible cast on for grafting

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The Mustash

I knit this as a Christmas gift for my 6 year old cousin, Jack, who loves to play spy. His mommy and mama just knocked down their house and built a new one, complete with a spy loft just for Jack. It has a big ladder that leads to a little space where he can keep all his toys. He even just got a telescope for Christmas so he can spy out the window up there ;)

Of course, every spy needs a disguise. When I saw this on Knitty I couldn’t resist.

The body knit up very quickly – I do loves me some circular knitting! The duplicate stitch was a bit time consuming, especially since I hadn’t done it in forever and a day! But all in all, I’m quite pleased with the result.


Incognito by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark

Needles: 16″ US size 8 circulars

Yarn: Cascade 220 Worsted

Ravelry link

Link to free pattern on Knitty



So sneaky


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She got Sick

Oh dear me, my dear Readers. I am sick.

I was feeling fine yesterday, up until it was just about bedtime when I started to feel that “sick throat.” I woke up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat (gross) and freezing. Next time I woke up was my alarm for work. I sat up — OOwwwww….. Head….. Hurt….. Lie back down….. Why does my skin hurt? …. Throat all swollen and icky….. Can barely move down the hall to get water in the kitchen….

So I called in sick to work. Everyone is getting sick at work. I knew it was only a matter of time…

Then promptly went back to sleep for four more hours.

I spent an hour this afternoon knitting up some swatches for a  certain scarf I’m getting ready to make.

Then I slept again. And then I blogged.

And then I slept again…. Zzzzzzzzz


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Urchin – Part 1

I’ve got a project on the needles, people!

Christmas time is drawing nearer and this is usually the time when my knitting alarms go off. So I have decided to start off with Urchin by Ysolda.

Ravelry link

Link to Ysolda’s page



Yarn: Plymouth Yarn, Baby Alpaca Grande

Made in Peru!

Color: Camel-ish – there isn’t a color on the label, just #600. :: Boring, Peru, I expected more from you::

Needles: US 10 1/2, bamboo circular – because I only knit on circulars. Call me weird, but the long needles hurt my wrists and get in my way.

Pattern: The short rows themselves are not a new experience, but since I’m having trouble visualizing how the hat will knit up, I feel like it’s a big guessing game! What will it look like next? Am I doing this right?… I /think/ so… hehe

Quite possibly the softest yarn I’ve ever used. SO fluffy, but not splitty.

More on my progress later. This is knitting up really fast, so I’m going to attempt to do it all today. Am I nuts? Perhaps. :)


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Staci at Verypink.com

I have been following this particular blog for a few years now. I don’t know if I have ever commented on her page –  I know ::Jenny’s a lurker:: – but I have thoroughly enjoyed her blog and thought I’d share it with you.


Borrowed from verypink.com - Click here to go there

Meet Staci. She lives in Austin, TX and is an avid knitter who actually uses a sewing manniquin (me=jealous) that she has named “Anne Boleyn ([her] headless knitwear stunt-double).” Fun facts about Staci: she teaches knitting, has a needles on fire tattoo, has 3 (sometimes more) Basenji dogs, and is a really creative photographer.

The pictures she posts of her projects are what keep me wanting more.

My favorite project of hers has been her participation in the 365 Self Portraits. This is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile but, knowing me, I’d probably drop it after the first month. In any case, her self portraits are fun and colorful – which obviously attracts my attention. Anything does that’s colorful or shiny, really…

Also, I’m a big fan of anyone who fosters/ rescues dogs. If you haven’t already, check out her site because she’s one of those smart and hilarious bloggers that keep your attention. I look forward to her posts in my little Google Reader page :)

Staci, you rock! Keep on bloggin’!

Love, Jenny

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