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Marathon #2 Complete!

I rocked. I rolled. I came in 10 minutes faster than last year. YEAH.

Oh yeah and about the lovely weather predicted – LIES, ALL LIES. Sun came out early and it got hot. Luckily, many of the homes we passed in residential neighborhoods had hoses spraying water into the street for runners to pass through. Verrrry nice.

My fabulous plan to run a fast race just didn’t work out, but I did run quite steadily. I promised myself before the race that if I had the energy left at the end that I was gonna go as hard as I could. So toward the end, in the last four miles I had a little mantra going in my head that kept me going: “If I got it, I’m gonna give it” and I said it to the beat of my running “If I got it, 2, 3, I’m gonna give it, 2, 3…” and so on. Sometimes I’d throw in a little “I got it!” Hehe, it’s a little silly but it totally kept me going. Another thing that helped were people holding up signs that said “Pain is temporary” :) I thought, yeah it is! Screw it I’m going to run hard!!…. And now I’m in pain :) But it was worth it.

Ready to go at 6am
(For my Alaska peeps, notice the very fine Ron Seater shirt – I was showing UAS math club pride)

Woo! 4 miles done

There’s my final run to the finish – squint and you can see me – squint harder and you can see my awesome bulging calves

The victorious finisher!

Jenny Dolan: Marathon Conquerer
About 5 minutes later I was passed out on the couch

Here’s my Garmin readout. I’m a total geek, I love this stuff. Just try not to pay attention to the large spikes which are my walking breaks…. hehe

Here’s my route over the course via the Garmin Forerunner 205.

We’ll see if this happens again next year :)


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Remember the thing I said I would never do ever again? Running the Rock’n’Roll marathon in San Diego last year? Well, I’m doing it again.

In fact it’s already paid for. How’s that for motivation? But I got a 10% discount!

So I have started training. My lovely friend Johanna has taken it upon herself to show me the cool places to run around here in Juneau. Plus she runs with me! I still think it’s the coolest thing ever when people will run with me. Running alone is okay, but it gets lonely.

Anywho, I’ve decided to document every run. We’ll see how that goes. New YEar’s resolution thing? We’ll try it.

Training Schedule this week: Tuesday, Thursday = 3 miles each – Saturday = 4 miles

Tuesday’s run: WEST GLACIER TRAIL! (I didn’t take pics of the trail really – I LOVE trail running – but then we walked across the frozen lake to the glacier – and that’s me next to an iceberg!)
Johanna and the dog she was taking care of.

Me, the iceberg, and Tucker the dog.
A little map of our adventure:

Thursday’s run: Airport trail along the Gastineau Channel (and the sun!!)
Johanna and friend BJ

This next shot totally made me feel like I was running somewher in a Lord of the Rings movie :)
Then we hot-tubbed at the house Johanna was housesitting for – this was the VIEW from the hot tub :)

Good day :)

Eat. Knit. RUN. Blog

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Marathon Pictures

Joe took lots of pictures the day of the marathon :)

This was my support crew: Lucia, Aaron, and Stephanie – with Joe behind the camera. This is about 5:30am – now that’s what I call dedication :) Mom was up with me at 3:30am with Joe as well. Mom sewed in my pockets to my shorts so I could carry Steph’s Ipod. She opted not to have her pic taken at 5:30!

I’m in the corral! This is about 6am-ish and we’re waiting and bored. Hence the following pictures…

“i’m holding a pose here…. someone could have sculpted us by now!”

Joe focused on me running – neat effect huh.

Me running away from our first meet at mile 4. Joe gave me my Naked Juice and I was on my way – with a bottle in each hand now! Try pushing Ipod buttons with your hands full! Not easy. The juice was good – yum

Woo! Mile 7 1/2-ish. Still feelin good. I saw my orange team on the sideline and got great cheers.

Running away toward mile 8 – “Bye! See yas soon!”

Not so fresh anymore. This is at Fashion Valley after running down the 163 freeway hill. My legs are burning by now. Time for some walking breaks.

Running to my people at mile 17!!! I ran up and was not feeling great. I whimpered “I need a hug!… and my banana” – I needed some fuel! I had however gotten a big ol’ hug from Aunt Mary around mile 15. She was riding her bike. I so needed that hug.

Fast forward to the end! In between I met up with my Aunt Chris at mile 18 and got another big hug! Then at mile 21 I got more hugs and cheers from my mom and Aunt Jane! They had balloons (shown later) and another Naked Juice for me. Yum. The sun had come out and golly it was hot. Now the race was finished and i could see the finish line! I sprinted!

It’s a girl! Er, well yeah, I’m a girl hehe. I had this balloon to look for with the Orange crew.

These are the balloons from Mom and Aunt Jane. “We love you” and…

…”Run Jenny Run!” It reminded me of Go, Dog, Go! You know, the Dr. Seuss book.

The fronts covered all bases “Good luck!” and “Congratulations!”

I would not have had as good a run if I hadn’t had all the support. Thanks everybody :)

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I ran th Rock and Roll Marathon on Sunday, June 3rd, and I totally rocked it. I came in at 5 hours and 32 minutes – precisely what I had predicted. I ran the first 4 miles with no walking stops and I stayed with the 5 hour pace group until mile 11.
The first 8 miles of the race were exhilarating! Everyone was cheering for us! And we went through Hillcrest and Downtown where we were turning corners often, so the scenery changed and kept things unpredictable.
Coming down the hill on the freeway was what burned up my legs though. We were about halfway through at the bottom of the big and long downhill part – my legs burned for the rest of the race!
I had a fantastic support crew though! Joe, Stephanie, Lucia and Steph’s friend Aaron met me at mile 4, then at 7.5, then at 12, and then 17, and finally at the finish. Then I met my Aunt Mary around 15 or 16, and my Aunt Chris at mile 18, and then my Mom and Aunt Jane at mile 21! They would give me my Naked Juice or a banana – Mom filled my water bottle – and then send me on my way with a big hug. I needed that support so badly – I wouldn’t have done as well without it. It totally picked me up and sent me with positive support and motivation to keep going. Joe and the gang were all wearing orange and were holding a mylar balloon with my name on it – I spotted them every time and RAN to them. At 17 I ran up whimpering “I need a hug!” as my legs were on fire by then.
I finished strong and totally ready to be DONE. I ran forward to the finish line with my left first shooting before me in the air like superman. It was totally in the moment – I was just so happy to be done and so friggin proud of myself! And they called out my name as I passed the chip pad “Jennifer Dolan you are finished! Lookin good!”
I am so happy I didn’t quit. I would have regretted it so much. This is an accomplishment I’ll keep with me forever.

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Marathon week is here! I’m anxious for it, but I’m not overly excited. I think I’m a good level of excited. I ran 2 miles three times this week and they all felt like I was flying after I was warmed up. My taper has been a bit unorthodox – well, at least I got way off my training schedule. I was sick for a week so no running and no 12 miler. Then the next week I did 3, 4, 3 instead or 4, 6, 3 – with 8 miles on Saturday, which felt great. And this week was 2, 2, 2, instead 3, 4, 2. I hope I’m not losing fitness or undertraining myself too badly. I’m actually secretly hoping for a huge blast of energy like I’ve never had before and I’ll finish way faster than I’ve been anticipating. But I won’t rush out too soon.

Ok race plan. It’s great, I’ve got Steph and Joe both following the race course with sustenance :) And Mary will be on her bike following Kristi and I’ve got my mom and aunt jane at the finish with Lucia. Lots o’friends for cheering! So I’m going to hold myself back at the beginning of the race – this is typical race strategy of course, but I have to be thinking about it or I’ll go too fast and bonk at 20. No bonking or hitting any walls, I hope, for this run.

I’m going to run the first 7 miles starting with the Clif Shot blok (gummy and VEGAN! fruit snack thing) just stick in my cheek and suck on it. Then at mile 7 I’ll get a banana from Joe. I’ll run from mile 7 to mile 11 or 12 along the freeway (closed!) and get another banana from Joe. In between I’ll have another fruit snack if I need it. And I may not want the second banana depending on my stomach. I’ll then run from mile 12 to 17 where Steph and Joe might be able to get me another snack. If not then I’ll have another fruit snack or two and there will be a powergel table at 17.6 (also VEGAN!) I’ll play it by ear but I’m pretty sure that I’ll be sucking on fruit snacks for the remaining 8 miles of the run – everybody has to get to the finish line in time so no more sideline snacks. I really hope all the snacks are nice to my stomach. Oh yeah and I’ll be drinking a full cup of water every aid station about every 1.5 miles. Hope that’ll be enough.

Ok checklist for my aid people – I’ll have them bring 3 bananas, a bottle of water to give to me to carry in case I feel like I need water more often, a bottle of powerade incase I need liquid energy if the fruit snacks are unkind to my intestines – I’ll be carrying my fruit snacks and an extra battery to go along with my mp3 player. That should do it. I’ll wear a long sleeve over my wicking shirt that I can hand off to Joe at milr 4 or 7 whenever I’m warmed up. This starts at 6:30am.

I’m hoping for 5 hours. Maybe. Probably 5 1/2, possibly 6 or 6.5, we’ll see! Wish me luck

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I just finished Hal Higdon’s book Marathon and it’s a great resource for runners. I am about to do my last 20 mile run tomorrow, then I will gradually decrease mileage (taper) for three weeks until June 3rd, the day of the Rock and Roll Marathon! This book really gave great advice, I picked up some useful ideas. It provided motivation for me. Long miles get lonely and one can feels as if she’s the only one out there doing this. The book had all sorts of runners’ stories about trial and error, strategies, mental focus games for long runs and more.

I really like Hal Higdon’s work. He has been running since his high school days and is in his late 70s. He has run over 100 marathons in his life! And a few times he won! His best times were in the 2 hours 20minutes range – whew. Anyway, his coaching style is genuine and straightforward – and friendly too. I feel like I would get along with him quite well if we ever met in person.


On another note, Joe and I have been housesitting for Mary and Kristi this week. The book is Kristi’s :) I had intended to read more of their books but time got away from me! I had a great week! I dubbed this week “the official Jenny vacation week”. I spent in the mornings reading and having breakfast outside on the deck or running, midday swimming in their pool and then lying in the sun for a couple hours, afternoons going out or cooking, and evenings watching movies from their plentiful DVD library while cuddling on the couch with Joe. Oh my goodness it has been a great week. I don’t want it to end! Part of the vacation terms was that there would be NO KNITTING at all. But back to work I go very soon :) Can’t wait to housesit again!

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