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I made this hat, called the Juneau Hat, about a month ago. [Edited: New link to the hat pattern]

Braided Tassels Tutorial:

Step 1: Get all the strands together in a tapestry needle

Step 2: Pull all strands through the corner tip of the earflap (you can use a crochet hook to do this as well)

Step 3: Pull the strands through half way so that the strand coming out are equal length.

Step 4: Divide the strands into 3 equal sections.

Step 5: Braid almost to the end, further than you want your knot

Step 6: Knot the braid and pull tight

Repeat steps 1-6 for the other ear flap.

When both are done, line up side by side to make sure the knots and lengths are equal distances from the hat.


Trim the tassels so they’re the same length.

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Do not despair, gentle knitters. I too was lost in how to begin an i-cord when I first came across it in a pattern. I thought, How can it possibly turn out like a tube? I was sure there was some kind of magic spell involved. The late and great Elizabeth Zimmerman, knitting goddess extraodinaire, dubbed it the “i-cord” which is short for idiot cord – because she said any idiot could do it!

Now, I won’t presume to call myself or anyone else an idiot, but it’s totally easy and turns out looking like you did something difficult :) One note, you will always be working on the front side of the stitches – do not turn your work to show the back side.

Here goes:

Preparation: First, grab two double pointed needles. They must be double pointed or it won’t work (I’m using US size 8 needles in the pictures, if you’re interested).

Tie your cast-on knot and put it on the needles…

… And, for this demonstration, cast on 4 stitches.

Step 1: Knit the first four stitches from the left needle onto the right needle like usual, then…..

Step 2: Move the needle with the stitches on it to the left hand side. Just switch the needles in your hands, so the front side is still facing – don’t turn your work…

Step 3: …Then slide the stitches up the left-hand needle, up to the top where they can be knitted. Front side is still showing.

Step 4: Now the yarn is coming from the last stitch — this is what will make the stitches into a tube — Pull the yarn tight when you knit the first stitch. Knit the four stitches.

Now you have the beginnings of an i-cord. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have the length of cord you want.

Voila! Now you have an i-cord. A lovely tubes that looks like a shoelace. Bind off as usual, no trickiness there.

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