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A Love Letter


It’s been quite awhile since I came back to this blog. I have hung up my knitting needles and followed other pursuits in Los Angeles – namely, lots and lots of overtime hours making things pop out of movie screens using a computer… and magic. If you have Transformers 3, look in the credits (allllllllllll the way at the end) under Legend 3D for Jennifer Dolan, Lead stereo artist :) Or not, whatev. It’s the little things we take pride in that make us… something something… I don’t know, insert something witty for me.

I will admit that I was pretty discouraged by the angry comments left on this blog’s FREE pattern pages and haven’t wanted to come back. But after returning to a list of your little love letters in the comment pages here… well, I feel better :)

However, I do get a lot of e-mails asking for help with the patterns. I just want to respectfully let you know that I won’t be follow up and help on questions about the patterns. For one thing, I haven’t knit these patterns in 4 years. I don’t even remember how I got the math on some of these things – I’m confessing, I’m a fly-by-my-seat knitter and I like to knit for myself. If I run into a problem, I improvise – who’s going to know, eh? If the pattern doesn’t work, make it work and hope for the best :) Fearless knitting!! Or find a helper on ravelry, because there are lots of lovely people who actually have more experience with these patterns than I, I’m quite proud to say. Who knew my dumb little blog and basic patterns would generate so much interest over the years :)

Responding to the most comments I get about the Comfy Raglan sweater: I chose this yarn because it was cheap and I was in Alaska and broke. No joke. I was bored and looking for something to occupy my time. I found that it knits up kinda weird, but whatev, and bonus!: it hides the stitches that are nearly impossible to get even. Ha… I only knitted one sweater… for myself. Big confession: The other sizes are math based only, so I hope they work for you. If not, see above (fearless knitting!!)

Most of these basic patterns I only knit one or two of for myself or brave family members. This ain’t no fancy magazine with test knitters. Just the resting place a humble girl with cheap yarn and who had a LOT of spare time, but little patience.

Remember, gentle readers, knitting as a hobby is a luxury. If you can get so angry or upset from knitting, maybe you should take some inner reflection time and find out what’s the real issue in your life. Take charge! You are strong, independent, and crafty people! A select few have the patience and talent for what you do, so take pride, and remember to be kind to your fellow knitters.

Lastly, I want all my spelling peeps to know that I’ve heard your cries! I flew around the globe and took every spelling course known to womankind to make sure I spell every single last word in life correctly! Not really. But still, after numerous HELPFUL others have calmly corrected me of this brazen mistake, I’m leaving the “yolk” misprint untouched on the blog pages for all of the universe to see – mostly because I’m too lazy to get in there and edit it – but more so, just because it irritates you so. If it makes you feel superior and better about yourself, well, my work here is done.

It’s spelled “yoke” and don’t you forget it.

Sarcasm aside, thanks for reading my blog. Really. It was a little outlet to me for long time, and I hope you enjoy it.

Love you all. Peace!


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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See :)I apologize for the terrible indoor lighting, but I finished it tonight at 6:30pm and could not wait until better light in the morning to show you! So here she is, partially, in all her unblocked glory.

Eat. KNIT. Run (skipped one today… err). Blog.

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Does anybody else leave everything to the last minute like I do? I’m a grade-A procrastinator. Why do today what you can do tomorrow? That’s what I say… ahem. Luckily I’m totally fast at knitting! It could be one of my super hero skills. I can knit a clapotis in 5 days, less if I don’t take breaks! BOOYAH.

Ok enough of me simultaneously putting myself down and patting myself on the back. I am astounded that the semester ended so quickly! I have one more final to take and then it’s adios school! for a whole month. That’s a lot of time to knit :) I have so many ideas, but not enough yarn. Sigh. The plight of a broke college student.

Hey did you heard that “w00t” made it into the English language? Word of the year.

I promise to take pictures and post them very soon. This is your captain – out.

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I’m back!

Well, I never really left. I’m sorry I abandoned the site awhile!

Here’ what I’ve been up to:

1) I moved to Alaska! I love living here. I love the snowcapped mountain views from my upstairs bedroom window! I love that it snows – though wearing this many layers on a daily basis is getting tedious. I’ve been hanging out on my other blog that I have with my husband, Joe, called Jenny and Joe’s Alaskan School Year. I guess one blog was all I could handle for awhile. I’m attempting to do both now, so cross your fingers that I keep it up :)

2) I’m taking a writing class! Actually and Advanced Composition class dealing with literary non-fiction. We’re just wrapping up the semester now. I have never liked writing classes until this one. I was taking to for degree requirements (more on that later) and was totally prepared to just “get it over with.” It turns out that I’m pretty alright at writing, according to my professor. She actually asked me if she could include one of my papers in her reader packet for her classes next semester. I was floored – this woman is SUPER critical and it’s a huge compliment. My head still hasn’t quite shrunken from all the ego-bloat. I’ve decided to continue with her creative writing class and I’m going to try my hand at getting my work published :) Be a working writer – hey now :)

3) I’m also trying to be a working knit designer! Joe and I have been working hard getting content up on our website TheKnitteur. There’s been talk of converting the page into a web magazine – I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, I’m designing and knitting up a storm over here in the dark months. I feel like I’m living in a little cave when the sun goes down so early (3pm sunset now), but I get a lot of knitting done! Not a lot of school work though hehe. I have my priorities.

4) Because I’m going to try writing and designing at the same time, I’ve decided to forgo the college degree… again. I know I know, I keep saying “I quit!” then go back. I make no promises this time. All I know is, I’m taking basket weaving, music appreciation, US history 2 (I liked the teacher hehe) and creative writing next semester to keep financial aid. I’m a learner. I like lots of different classes, and don’t like taking boring classes which has stopped me from finishing degrees I start. I love keeping on learning. I may never stop going to college hehe.

So gentle readers, I am yours once more. I intend to get this blog going again, with full action links! And patterns, don’t forget the patterns.

I can be found as “RunningYarn” on Ravelry and on the Knitteur forums.

Blog on fellow knitters!

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I think I died a little inside when we watched that movie. I went in with few expectations but nevertheless came out completely disappointed. It was my idea for Joe and me to see it, and once the credits rolled I turned to Joe, paused, and said “I’m sorry.” He laughed heartily and said that made it all worth it.

There were just too many things wrong. I wish they could have made just a really long episode, you know tv style… Not this heavy crap. Bart realizing his dad is an asshole, but is eventually ok with it. And that Marge is finally, really, actually leaving Homer – and not in a funny way, in a really sad and heartbreaking way. I love the disfunctional family comedy aspect of the show, it leaves everything else to the imagination and somehow they survive through it all, sometime when we’re not watching – delving into their actual problems broke the 4th wall for me. Flanders is a bigger role than Moe, Barney, Carl and Lenny combined – what the heck? Those silly bar characters are some of my favorites. Dr. Hibberd, Apu and…. someone else, can’t remember, all ask Mr. Burns to turn the electricity back on?? The out of character cameos were farfetched and obvious. Gah.

I knew it was going to be bad, but I hoped I was going to be wrong… ah well, now I know not to see the sequel – unless it’s free.

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So I went to the doc the other day for a yearly routine checkup. Everything was normals, business as usual, except for one thing: my hemoglobin levels were very low. In other words, I’m anemic.
I was shocked really. Iron absorption was something I took for granted with my healthy diet. I eat whole grain foods and beans and legumes all day long, I eat fruit and drink juice and take my vitamins (most of the time) … and though my vegetable intake could be improved, I never would have guesses that I was not absorbing iron.
There are two types of iron: heme, and non-heme. Heme iron is found in animal products, so scratch that off the list for me. Unfortunately, heme iron is most easily absorbed into the body. In order to absorb non-heme iron, one has to eat foods high in vitamin C in the same meal. I think that might be where I messed up. I eat fruit and juice quite separately from other foods for some reason.
So I’m taking a ferrous sulfate iron supplement in addition to my daily multivitamin. When I get to Alaska I’ll just have to go to the doc regularly and get my blood checked. I hope this is a minor thing and not an indication of something bigger. I try not to assume the worst, but when something catches me offguard like this it’s hard not to look for things that could also be wrong with me.
Bah, this explains why I have been so tired and why my heart rate skyrockets with little effort in exercise lately. I think the marathon training depleted my iron stores. Then the weekend of the wedding was so hectic I ate and drank very little. I’m still bouncing back from that experience. I get lightheaded when I stand up much more often then usual and going to the store and walking around wears me out. It’s frustrating. I want this to get bettter. Now.

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